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IAIS-ASSAL-AIOS - XXI Conferencia Anual 2020:
Lugar de realización : Lima
Desde el 20/04/2020 Hasta el 23/04/2020 Mas información: Click Aquí

In attention to the international contingency generated by the expansion of the coronavirus, ASSAL members are informed that the “ASSAL-IAIS-AIOS XXI Annual Conference 2020 - Challenges of the Insurance and Pension Systems in Latin America”, to be held on April 21 and 22, 2020, as well as the activities contemplated in this event, High Level FSI-IAIS-ASSAL Meeting, ASSAL Annual Meeting and   Dynamics A2ii, scheduled for April 20 and 23, respectively, have been canceled .

The foregoing, as a preventive measure and in order to avoid possible inconveniences that may arise due to the latest developments in this situation worldwide and cancellations by different international organizations, such as the IDB, BIS, IAIS, World Bank, among others. .

In the event that you have made the bank transfer of the registration fee, ASSAL will refund the amount paid. As soon as possible, we will inform you about the rescheduling of the ASSAL Annual Conference and Assembly.


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